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Wesley Gallery Canvas Editions

A thing of beauty is a joy forever; Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. John Keats

At Wesley Gallery we strive to ensure that your artwork will continue to bring you joy long after the initial purchase. To that end, our canvas editions are published one at a time at the gallery in Dripping Springs, Texas. Our print maker, Jim Speir, works in tandem with the artists to ensure high quality and accuracy to the original piece of art. Wesley Gallery Canvas Editions are not just art prints! They are true giclées, created to exacting specifications with the best materials.

Giclée (pronounced "ghee-clay") is a French word that may be loosely translated as "spray of ink". The term has come to be used internationally for a type of high resolution digital art print made from an archival combination of ink and media. It is a recognized category of fine art reproduction such as serigraph or lithograph, and is considered in many ways superior to all other types of prints for reproducing original works of art. And, since giclées are not mass-produced, they are as suitable for printing your one-of-a-kind photograph or original work as they are for fine professional works of art.

The process of making giclées is digital throughout, providing higher resolution and more variation of color than any other printmaking technique. Giclées may be made directly on a variety of authentic artist materials, such as watercolor paper and canvas. Unlike canvas transfers, which remove an image from the original paper medium and apply the image to canvas, canvas giclées are created for and printed directly on canvas. There is therefore nothing lost, in fact the depth and richness of color that may be achieved in the process is comparable only to original works of art. Although the process of making giclées can be time intensive, it offers the artist the opportunity of much more control than is available in other techniques.

Our unframed Canvas Editions are generally sized to fit into standard frames, and arrive stretched, coated and ready for framing. Studio wrapped canvases, with the images extending around the sides for a clean finish, are designed to be hung without frames. Framed canvases are shipped complete and ready to hang. State of the art equipment and materials, combined with painstaking hand finishing, have resulted in canvas reproductions that are virtually in distinguishable from the original artwork. Only highly stable and fully pigmented UV inks are used on these beautiful canvases to ensure that they will stand the test of time.