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In her own words-

I became involved in the world of beads only about 10 years ago but it quickly became my passion. Glass, metal, bone, wood, coral, shell or manmade, I am fascinated by the variety of materials from which beads are constructed. I use all of those but really love the vintage glass beads from Japan and the old Czech Republic. Of course, any handmade bead such as those from Africa, Tibet and Nepal has a special allure.

I like to think of construction as related to musical composition. Because of the myriad variations of beads, there are endless combinations and themes that can be played out in the design of a piece.For me, I find the greater the variety of beads , the more interesting the design.

A photograph in a bead history book vividly captures the power of beads. It shows a Paleolithic man placed in his grave on a bed of beads in the shape of a bird. It was as though the bird was to carry him through the heavens to his final resting place. Should you acquire one of my necklaces, I hope it wil have a special meaning for you and that you remember that Paleolithic man as his bead bird carries him forever.

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