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Julie Speir of Wesley Gallery displays award winning glass sculptureJulie Speir

Hot Sand! Art Glass

Each piece from the Hot Sand! studio is crafted from the finest glass. Fused glass is an unpredictable yet forgiving medium, rendering every work of art unique. Heat slowly transforms glass from a rough, sharp solid to a smooth fluid liquid and back again to lustrous solid. Art glass comes in a full spectrum of intense colors, opaque or transparent, sparkling or metallic, smooth or textured.

You will find a variety of themes represented in my artwork, some natural, some whimsical, some abstract and geometric. I produce functional art pieces in the form of bowls, trays, and platters, as well as jewelry, tiles, lighting and architectural pieces, and purely decorative art pieces. Custom pieces and commissions are accepted.

A native Texan and longtime resident of Dripping Springs, I practice psychotherapy by day, and often use art therapy to help my clients access hidden feelings and communicate in different ways. Art is therapeutic for me as well, and allows me to create and share something beautiful with others.